WyvernIRC currently has 3 staff members. We live in a variety of time zones and work as a team to bring a positive IRC experience to all of our users worldwide.



mainstreet is the Network Administrator and overall owner of WyvernIRC, living in California and representing western North America.



Intyalle is an Administrator on WyvernIRC, living in New Zealand and representing Asia and the Pacific Islands region.



erroneum is an IRC Operator on WyvernIRC, living in Michigan and representing eastern North America and South America.




As you may have noticed, there is a gap in the time zones. We are looking for staff to fill this time gap, however we will not hire someone simply because they fill the role. We must be convinced that they share our vision for WyvernIRC and will work in a productive manner with the rest of the staff, as well as have a proven committment to the network. It should also be noted that if someone is qualified, living in an already accounted for timezone will not disqualify one.

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