Help! I tried to connect with IRCCloud and I was banned!


Or, how to connect with IRCCloud without getting banned.


IRCCloud is a service that allows users to create accounts and IRC.
This sounds great at first, but it actually has great potential for abuse.
If you get banned from one channel, or even the network, you can easily create a new account and evade the ban.
Thus, we require IRCCloud users to register their account with us.


To register, email irccloud {at} wyvernirc {dot} net with the subject "WyvernIRC IRCCloud User Registration" and include your irccloud UID.
We will then reply, either requesting identity clarification from you or informing you that we have exempted your UID from the general irccloud ban.
If you are a new user and we ask for identity clarification, please do not be offended.
Any such request is likely due to events that have taken place on the network.
The registration process would be pointless, after all, if we did not use our brains in examining requests.

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